We count on a huge variety of tyres for all types of vehicles.


We are Superhawk Brand Dealers.

Tyres for light vehicles and off road heavy transportation.

Casings (cascos) for trucks in all sizes.

  What advantages do we get from retreading tyres?

How is the procedure of retreading tyres?

Learn more about our retreading tyres process.



We have been in the retreading and sales of tires for 47 years. Our present manufacturing locations are in Medley, Florida and Detroit, Michigan.

We also export to the Caribbean, Central and South America.

All of our efforts are centered on our clients needs. Dimaggio`S mission is to deliver our products in a safe, reliable and environmentally sound manner.

We build value through the strength of our customers satisfaction by consistently producing superior products at a reasonable. This is achieved by setting the highest standards in service, reliability and safety.

It is imperative that we strive to build long-term relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

To keep our presence in the market and to project ourselves as top leader in the retreading and sales of new tires.

To provide the best working environment to our employees.

To guide our efforts towards the understanding and complete satisfaction of the client needs.

To give technical and commercial support that allow the establishment of a link between the client and DiMaggio Tyres in order to get the maximum economical yield of our merchandised products put into service.


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