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Updated: September 19, 2013

      DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. is committed to the protection of our customers’ privacy. The following privacy statement explains how the data managed by DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM are collected and handled.   This privacy statement may be applied in a different way to other DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC., products, services or sites, whether online or with no Net connection. When accessing to DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM, you (the customer) will be giving your consent to the collection and handling of the described information on this privacy statement.

      In relation to other DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. products, which links can be found from this Web site, including software and free downloads, they have their own privacy statements which are notified in their own services.



Personal Data Gathering
      DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. will ask to its customers certain data which identify them personally (personal data) or which allow DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. to get in touch with the client when necessary in order to help the customer in any service he has asked for, such as receiving information about DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. products and services, participating in contests and raffles, asking for assistance via mail, registering in training courses, among others.   The required personal data could include name, profession, enterprise or organization name, e-mail, phone number, address, occupation, credit card information, likes or general preferences, acquaintances e-mail, etc.

      DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM may store certain data about the customer visit, such as the name of internet service provider and the IP (Internet Protocol) address which allows him to access the Web, the DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM access date and hour, the DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM Web pages he has accessed and the Web site address which suggested him DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM.   These data help the administration and improvement of DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM and the tendency analysis.   Some of our pages could read information about their hardware and software to supply a required service.


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Personal data use
      The gathered personal data at DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM will be used in order to manage its functioning y to supply services or perform certain transactions that the client has asked for or authorized.

      For doing so, DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. may use the personal data to supply the customer an effective service for improving DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM and any other product or service related to DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC., in order to facilitate the use of DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM and the client does not have to introduce the same information repeatedly or personalize DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM according his particular interests and preferences.

      DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. may use the client personal data to give him important information about the product or service he is using, such as notifications and critical updates.   Besides, with the customer permission, DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM may send him information about other DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. products and services, and share data with assistant enterprises of DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC., so that they can send information about their products and services to the customer.

      DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. may combine the site visit data with anonymous demographic information with research purposes, and such information may be used to more relevant contents. In some sessions of DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM limited entry, if the client approves it, the site visit data may be combined to his personal data in order to supply personalized contents. If the client rejects the permission, DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. will not supply a personalized service and will not combine his personal data with the site visit data.

      When the client gives his consent to receive advertisements via e-mail, DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. may use personalized links or similar technologies to monitor the links included in mails the client clicks on. DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. may associate this information with other personal data of the client in order to supply commercial information or communication via e-mail which adjust to his interests.   Each communication via e-mail includes a link for the client to delete his subscription and stop receiving such type of communication.

      Some DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM services offer their clients the ability to show to the public certain personal information, such as the case of a DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. contributor who wants to post some contact information as part of a business service offer.   The participation in such services is always optional.

      Occasionally, DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. hires other enterprises in order to supply limited services on its name, such as hosting the Web site, packaging, sending and delivering prizes, responding clients’ questions about products and services and sending information about products, special offers and other DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. services.   DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. will only supply to these entreprises the data they need to accomplish their purposes, and it has the obligation of keeping them in confidentiality, with the prohibition of using them with other purposes.

      DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. podrá revelar datos personales referentes al usuario si así se lo requirere la ley o si de buena fe considera que dicha acción es necesaria para:   (a) fulfill the legal requirements directed to DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. or to DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM;   (b) protect and defend the rights and properties of DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. and its Web sites’ members;   or (c) act under urgent circumstances to protect la personal security of DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. employees or managers, DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. product and service customers, or public in general.

      The personal data gathered at DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM may be stored and processed in The Bolivarian Republic of Vennzuela or in any other country where DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. or its associate members, group entities or managers own branch offices.   When using DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM, the client gives his consent to such transfer of personal data out of his country.


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Personal data control
      Unless a different statement is indicated here, the personal data that the client supply at DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM, will not be shared , without the client's permission, outside DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. and its related enterprises.   Through e-mail the client may notify DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. about the way he wishes DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. contacts him.

      The client must have into account that this policy and the requirements made through DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM may not be applied to the personal data that the client has supplied to DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. in the context of other DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. products, services or Web sites administered in a separate way.

      DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM may send emails to the client periodically with information about security topics or technical service related to a product or service the client has asked for or acquired, or as a requirement confirmation.   In some services offered by DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM, the contact with the clients is an intrinsic part of the service.   The client may cancel the subscription to these messages and it is always considered part of the services chosen by him.


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Personal data access
      In order to access to the personal data and preferences about the contact supplied in this Web site, and rectify them, the client must visit the DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM. specific form.   DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. may or may not ask for the Login and Password in order to confirm his personal information.

In the data introduction/modification process, the client has the chance to:

  1. See and modify the personal data that he has supplied at DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM.
  2. Indicate if he wishes DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM to send him comercial information.
  3. Choose if he wishes that mediators contact him.
  4. Make or cancel subscription to bulletins related to services and products.
  5. Indicate suggestions and leave his comments in order to improve DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM appearance and functionality.
  6. Ask for specialized information for DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. products.
  7. Ask for products and budgets of DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. product.


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Personal data security
      DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. has the strong commitment of protecting the personal data security of the clients.   DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. uses different security technology and procedures to help protecting de client's personal data against accesses, uses or unauthorized revelations.   For instance, the personal data given by the client are stored in computer servers which access is limited and they are located in controlled instalations.   Besides, everytime DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. transmits sensitive personal data (such as credit card numbers) through Internet, these will be protected in a way that just a DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. program can interpret.


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Personal data protection in relation to minors
      DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM is a general public site and it does not store personal data related to minors on purpose.   Any stored information which belongs to minors will be regulated by the same privacy rules applied to the personal data of older clients.


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Pixel web use
      DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM web pages may contain electronic images that are known as pixels web occasionally they are named gifs of a unique pixel- which allow DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM to make a re-telling of the clients who have visited such pages and offer services with other companies.   DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM may include pixels web in the promotional messages via email or bulletins in order to determine if the messages have been opened or if any action has been made with them.

      Some of these pixels web may be other services providers to determine the efficiency of our advertising or communication campaigns via email. These service providers may use this pixels web to put a permanent cookie in your computer.   In that way, the service provider will recognize your computer each time he visits certain pages or emails and he will gather anonymous information related to such visits.   DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM forbids the pixels web to be used for storing or accessing to personal information.


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Privacy statement application
If the client has questions about this statement, he may contact DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM via this email address info@DIMAGGIOTIRES.COM or using the form located at the end of the "Contact" session on this site.


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Changes to this privacy statement
      Ocassionally, DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. updates this privacy statement.   When updating, the date of the last modification will be modified as well.   If there are important changes in this statement, DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. will communicate it to the client via a big notification on the web site or sending him a direct message.   The client must check out the privacy statement periodically so that he can be informed about the way DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. is protecting his data.   If the client continues using the services, he will be accepting this privacy statement end every change made in it.


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Contact information
      DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. thanks the comments that the client can supply in relation to this privacy statement.   If the client considers DIMAGGIO TIRES, INC. has not fulfill this privacy statement, we beg you to contact us via email or by phone and we will make reasonable efforts to determine and solve the problem as soon as possible.




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